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Estonian universities say three years for B.A.

TALLINN - Voldemar Kolga, head of Tallinn Pedagogical University's gender studies department, agrees

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Asylum-seekers' center coming to Estonia

TALLINN - Faced with its first asylum-seekers in 1997, Estonia will now get its first center to acco

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Increased drug use spreads HIV in Latvia

RIGA - Increasing drug use is a cause for the rising number of those HIV/AIDS infected in Latvia, sa

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President notes problems for foreign investors

RIGA - The Latvian president, Vaira Vike-Freiberga, spoke to the Committee of Intellectuals about L

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Two held on robbing flamenco dancer

RIGA - Latvian police detained two men in Riga during the weekend April 16-17, suspected of robbing

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Lithuania looks to closing the first block of its nuclear power plant

VILNIUS - Lithuanian authorities had passed the law promising to close the first of two blocks of th

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Estonia and China build ties

TALLINN - Few countries may be as different from Estonia than China, but from many indications, rela

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Court releases war criminal Kononov

RIGA - The Supreme Court of Latvia decided on April 25 to release the former Soviet guerrilla Vasily

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Same old new government set for power

RIGA - May 4, 1990, when Latvia's Soviet-era Parliament voted for independence, is remembered as a d

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Journey from India rewarded

While bringing the flavors of Asia to Estonia, many Indians have made Tallinn their home, Devyani Ba

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