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PHONES TO FLOAT: Details about the structure and terms of the planned initial public offering of Lie

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Half police software in Estonia not licensed

TALLINN (BNS) - Commissioned by the state to discover pirated software and punish its users, Estonia

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U.S. market crash shakes Tallinn bourse

TALLINN - "I don't see any reason for panic," claimed Eesti Telekom's public relations officer, Raul

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Illegal alcohol has 50 pct market share in Estonia

TALLINN (BNS) - The share of illegal alcohol grew to 50 percent of the Estonian alcohol market in th

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Internet banking service growing in Latvia

RIGA - During the last four months a new tendency has arisen in the banking system of Latvia. It is

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Railway privatization underway

TALLINN - The Estonian Privatization Agency announced on April 17 the sale of 66 percent of the stat

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Contaminated beef liver held at border

RIGA - Latvia's Sanitary Border Inspection has proven that a shipment of beef liver imported by the

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Latvia gets $2 million loan for waste project

RIGA - Vents Balodis, Minister of Environmental Projection and Regional Development, met with member

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Bank of Estonia finds buyer for stake in Optiva Bank

TALLINN - Sampo Finance, a Finnish insurance company, has made an offer to the Bank of Estonia to bu

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New rules to change VAT tax refunds

RIGA - Because of new VAT guidelines from the State Revenue Service, foreign companies in Latvia ha

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