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Go West, life is peaceful there - that can be short summary of the annual speech of President Valdas

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Have we got a country to sell you!

Blamed for war criminals, ethnic discrimination and bad weather, Latvia clearly has an international

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Music Treasure - unique collection of priceless Latvian cultural materials

An amazing collection of music materials which was a major resource in the West is back in Latvia. E

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Lithuanians favor traditional holidays

Some Lithuanians disdain 'imported' holidays like Halloween and St. Valentine's Day. Rokas M. Tracev

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Earnings of the Baltic List companies

EstoniaOptiva Bank posted a consolidated net profit of 7.4 million kroons ($0.43 million) for the

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Rising Estonian stocks and euro drive up Baltic Index

Rising stock prices in Estonia and the influence of the falling euro on Latvian and Lithuanian stock

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Daugavpils sees jobs in co-op with Poles

RIGA - The Daugavpils City Council is looking to improve the unemployment problem in its city and in

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EU public still unsure about Baltic membership

VILNIUS - As support for joining the European Union grows in Lithuania, support for EU enlargement w

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Latvia announces tender to package power firm

RIGA (BNS) - The board of the Latvian Privatization Agency April 20 decided to announce an internati

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Adamkus' annual address focuses on reforms

VILNIUS - Focusing on the country's economic readjustments, Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus gave

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