Latvian coast insured against Butinge

RIGA – More than a month after workers began pumping crude oil through the pipes that feed the p

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Finn says Latvia likely to start EU talks this year

RIGA (BNS) – Finnish Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade Kimo Sassi believes that Latvia

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Van der Stoel makes concessions in Estoniaconcessions in Estonia

TALLINN (BNS) – Max van der Stoel, the high commissioner for national minorities of the Organization

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Lithuania uses quiet conference to engage Russia

PALANGA – Despite the absence of the Russian foreign minister, Lithuania used this week's Counci

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Shooting the messenger?

RIGA – Anatolijs Gorbunovs does not believe the old saw that any publicity is good publicity. He

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Latvia's pol for all seasons

RIGA – From party chief to presidential candidate, Anatolijs Gorbunovs is Latvia's great politic

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Teachers on the block in northeast Estonia

TALLINN – A proposal to sack 24 Estonian language teachers is expected to cause a major shake up in

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