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Talented in Tallinn

Viido Polikarpus is a man of many talents. An illustrator with a published novel to his name, he wri

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Making movies out of nightmares

A film trilogy by Assi Dayan coupled with the director's appearance in Tallinn has given some Baltic

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Vodka, with some assembly required

Many of the things worth bragging about in life come from home: a home-cooked meal, for example. Pau

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Seafarer finds her feet in Tallinn

Denise Albrighton caught up with an Estonian-Canadian who has left the sea behind and has started an

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Stock markets: weekly report (November 27 - December 4)

Estonia: Uhispank dominates apathetic tradingDeals with shares in two banks, Uhispank and Hans

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Earnings of the listed and to-be-listed companies

EstoniaƤ Insurer ASA Kindlustus had a loss of 12 million kroons ($880,400) from January through S

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Baltic markets move in different directions

Opponents to the unification of the Baltic bourses can feel smug after this past week, which saw th

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Latvian court declares Viktorija bankrupt

RIGA (BNS) - The Riga District Court declared Dec 7, that commercial bank Viktorija is to be liquida

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Lithuania, Belarus solve energy problem

VILNIUS (ELTA) - Last week, leaders of the Lietuvos Energija energy company struck a deal with Belar

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Latvia to use less sugar

RIGA (BNS) - Latvia might reduce sugar beet growing volumes in the future as sugar production techno

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