Lithuania, Belarus solve energy problem

  • 1998-12-10
VILNIUS (ELTA) - Last week, leaders of the Lietuvos Energija energy company struck a deal with Belarus to exchange electric power obtained from Lithuania for commodities under agreed conditions.

The Belarussian decision, made on Dec. 1, states that some of its institutions must find resources and goods to settle accounts for supplied Lithuanian electricity.

As a result, the board of Lietuvos Energija has decided to annul its threat to limit electricity supply to Belarus, a company spokeswoman said.

She presented data that shows in 11 months Lietuvos Energija exported 5.893 billion kWh of electricity worth $110.9 million, of which that sent to Belarus was worth $109 million.

Belarus owes Lithuania 270 million litas ($67.5 million), including a debt of 200 million litas to a mediator, the Elektrenai power company.

The presidents of both states, Valdas Adamkus of Lithuania and Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus, met on Nov. 12 at a border post where they discussed the issues of debt settlement. Lukashenko promised to apply all the necessary measures to cover the debts.