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Stock markets: weekly report (December 4 - 11)

Estonia: Share prices fall throughout weekShare prices fell throughout the whole week on the T

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Earnings of the listed and to-be-listed companies

EstoniaƤ Life insurer Leks Elukindlustus collected 1.35 million kroons ($101,000) in November, up

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Latvian market still the biggest loser

Although the Riga Stock Exchange's indexes posted significant gains this week, if we look back at

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Chairman's report on the Baltic Group

Dear Shareholders,It hardly seems possible that a year has passed since my last report to you, th

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Scandinavian firm to build Riga terminal

RIGA (BNS) - The transport and logistics company ASG will expand its operations in the Baltic states

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Santa's sweet tooth

RIGA - When Santa comes to Latvia, he likes to give out candy - lots of it.So two of Latvia's big

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Christmas brings big bucks

Kairi Kurm checked up on managers at Tallinn's biggest shopping malls for a look at shopping habits

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Ho ho ho and a bottle of Christmas beer

VILNIUS - Better watch out. Better not cry. Better just grab an empty glass because when Santa Claus

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Summed up

NEW SHOPPING MALL MAY GRACE TALLINN: The board of Finland's SOK trade group is considering building

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Estonia anticipates the euro

TALLINN (BNS) - On New Year's Eve the world will welcome a new European currency, the euro, which wi

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