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Voucher system threatens privatization revenue

RIGA – Economics Minister Laimonis Strujevics suspended new privatization payment regulations July 2

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Plastic playpens and painted lives

They don't know what a traditional family is. All they know is they see their mothers during visitin

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Internet slowly seeps into Lithuania

Bill Gates, head of the giant software company, Microsoft Corp, once referred to the Internet as

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Latvia still improving Internet access

Despite a rise last year in the number of people with access to the Internet in Latvia, the country

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Information superhighway starts in Estonia

Forget the towering castle walls and the endless forests. If you really want to know whether you're

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Alcoholism? Not a problem here

In Latvia, there is a saying bosses have about alcoholic workers. "We have no problem with alcoholis

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Treating drug addicts: an uphill battle

An unstable workplace, poor home environment, the spread of HIV and AIDS are just some of the proble

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Van den Broek keeps mum about EU

VILNIUS – There is a 14th century fresco on the wall of St. Peter's Church in Strasbourg depicting t

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Celebrating the world's 'most democratic language'

VEISIEJAI - Veisiejai, a small town near the Lithuanian-Polish border, was occupied by some 250 Espe

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First lady will have her feet up

VILNIUS (BNS) – Alma Adamkiene, the Lithuanian president's wife, will be hobbled for the next few we

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