Euroskeptics question wisdom of EU membership

TALLINN (BNS) – Participants in an international conference of Euroskeptics came to the conclusion t

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Hosptial calls for private ownership

bout 250,000 people are eligible to apply, officials said July 7.Ene Rebane, deputy director of the

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Off the Wire

ESTONIANS UNCOVER 800 EXPLOSIVE DEVICES: Estonian defense force pioneers found nearly 800 shells on

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Teachers need more time to learn Latvian

RIGA – If one goes strictly by statistics, just 3 percent of Russian school teachers face terminatio

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Latvia condemns Russian pressure

RIGA (BNS) – Latvia intends to start informing international finance organizations about Russian eco

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Departing ambassador recalls 'unique possibility'

What has been accomplished in Lithuanian-British relations during your stay in Vilnius?I think,

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Austria endorses Estonia for quick EU membership

TALLINN – If Austrian Foreign Minister Wolfgang Schussel's comments are any indication, fears about

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Ready, set, sign: Referendum campaign starts July 20

RIGA – The Central Election Commission (CEC) announced this week that signatures for a referendum on

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They came, they sang, they conquered

RIGA– Faced with overwhelming odds during the struggle for independence, Latvians reassured themselv

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