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Baltics want end to pork war

VILNIUS - Now that the have spent the past two months finding ways to rejecte each other's pork impo

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Vilniaus Bankas wraps up Swedish deal

VILNIUS - Officials from Sweden's Scandinaviska Enskilda Banken and Vilniaus Bankas put the finishin

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Coca-Cola against excise tax on packs

TALLINN (BNS) - The Estonian subsidiary of the Coca-Cola Beverages company is protesting Parliament'

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Putting the growl in the Baltic Tiger

VILNIUS - The Lithuanian Development Agency recently ranked nearby Sweden as the top foreign investo

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International insurance gets the green light

RIGA - Truck drivers who travel international roads in their work next month must start carrying Gre

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Lithuania, Estonia continue meat war

VILNIUS/TALLINN (BNS) - When the Lithuanian Veterinary Service revoked an Estonian meat processing c

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Baltic consumers stick with their own goods

TALLINN - Estonians will never prefer products of Latvian or Lithuanian origin. The same preference

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Summed up

KLAIPEDA WILL PRODUCE STAINLESS STEEL: U.S. steel processing company Penninox and its largest shareh

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Compensation fund dips into the red

TALLINN - For the first time since it was established, the compensation fund Huvitusfond has found i

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Lithuania considers pension reform

VILNIUS - As the Lithuanian government polishes up a draft law on pension funds, some final words an

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