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Regulations to cut meat and dairy imports

RIGA - Latvians who have developed a taste for fine French cheese had better store some, because aft

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Lithuania considers competition, EU chances

VILNIUS - An overwhelming majority of Lithuania's elected officials have set their sites on full Eur

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Insurance companies looking for strategic investors

TALLINN - Insurance can protect a person from just about anything except an economic downturn or com

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Job losses hard to pin down

RIGA - While state unemployment figures show a country-wide unemployment rate of 7.9 percent in mid-

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Baltic customs cooperation

One of the cliches of Baltic life is the extent to which the three countries have a sometimes irrita

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Fatter wallets for Estonian taxpayers

TALLINN - Estonian taxpayers can expect to save an additional 78 kroons ($6) per month from their in

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Summed up

LATVIAN DAIRY WILL RESUME EXPORT TO EU: The milk processing company Preilu Siers was allowed to rest

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Latvia to help local producers

RIGA - The Latvian government is the last of the three Baltic states to launch measures to help loca

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Pharmaceutical plant wants off Tallinn bourse

TALLINN - The only pharmaceutical company listed on the Tallinn Stock Exchange asked Oct. 14, to be

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Lithuanians still wary of banks

VILNIUS - Russian crisis, or no Russian crisis, Lithuania has not seen a bank of its own topple sinc

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