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Analysts predict further losses: Greater Russian involvement ups Latvia's bank risks

RIGA - As bankers at a Riga conference predicted more casualties among small Baltic banks in a seco

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Companies lay off employees

RIGA - An additional 10,000 Latvians could find their jobs missing from their daily schedules in the

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Decision on minimum wage increase delayed

VILNIUS - A three-sided discussion concerning an increase to the minimum wage in Lithuania Oct. 20,

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WTO forces Latvia to slash import tariffs

RIGA - When Latvia joined the World Trade Organization last week, 133 countries opened their markets

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Uhispank on Swedes' wishlist?

TALLINN - The Swedes have always been benevolent invaders and that may be one reason why their possi

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Williams urges Butinge deal with Dutch firm

VILNIUS (BNS) - The board of Lithuania's Butinges Nafta oil terminal will announce Oct. 23 that the

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Businessmen predict deflation for 1999

RIGA (BNS) - Latvia will experience deflation in 1999 due to the Russian crisis, Baltija Holding's h

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Security company lands new partner

TALLINN - The Swedish security company Securitas announced last month it will buy Estonian Security

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Deal will send Lithuanian food to Moscow

VILNIUS - The adverse effects of the Russian financial crisis on Lithuania have thus far been minima

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Summed up

NEW DESTINATION FOR FREIGHT LINE: Tallinn will be one port of call for a new weekly freight line the

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