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Naglis stays at his post

RIGA - After the outcry over his dismissal, Privatization Agency Director Janis Naglis will remain a

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Mending fences, moving West

RIGA - There is holiday cheer in the Kristopans camp this December. The new prime minister's coaliti

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Outcome of Vienna verdict

RIGA - Before Latvia's hopes to be invited to start EU talks next year faded at the Vienna summit, 4

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Russia steps up its anti-NATO campaign

TALLINN - The anti-NATO faction of the Russian Duma may be pulling out the big guns in order to keep

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A peek at next year's newsmakers

In a region that is changing as fast as the Baltics, it is sometimes hard to predict what will happe

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Conservatives disagree over anti-communist law

VILNIUS (BNS) - The Parliament overwhelmingly passed a declaration that holds former communists "mor

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Russian official accused of spying

VILNIUS (BNS) - Lithuanian security officials detained an official from the Russian Embassy in Vilni

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Giant trees and rich tradition

In the most religious of the three Baltic countries, Christmas is a big deal. Rokas M. Tracevskis of

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Lithuania 1998: Start of something big?

Lithuania didn't come away from 1998 with a firm date for starting EU talks, but it is considered th

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Time for Coca Cola Santas

In 1990, Grandfather Frost had to change to Santa Claus. The quick transition has resulted in some i

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