Saeima lifts parliamentary immunity for MP Adamovics

  • 2020-10-08
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Saeima today lifted parliamentary immunity for MP Aldis Adamovics (New Unity).

The Prosecutor General's Office has asked to allow prosecution against Adamovics in relation to three sections of the Criminal Law - fraud, abuse of authority and forgery.

During today's debates, Adamovics said that he is ready to cooperate with investigators and explain his side of the story. The MP emphasized that he had not abused or fraudulently used allowances granted to MPs that reside outside Riga. The politician indicated that he would vote for lifting his parliamentary immunity and also invited his colleagues to do so as well.

Several independent parliamentarians defended Adamovics during the debates, and called on their colleagues to vote against lifting his parliamentary immunity.

70 MPs supported lifting parliamentary immunity for Adamovics, four vote against, while one MP abstained.

As reported, Prosecutor Ando Skalbe stated previously that this prosecution is also being moved forward as a deterrent signal to MPs, making it clear once again that such actions were not permissible. In his opinion, a simple reprimand for Adamovics would not achieve this goal, moreover, Adamovics is not the only one in parliament whose validity of received compensations is being assessed at the moment.

At yesterday's Saeima Mandate, Ethics and Submissions Committee, members of the committee expressed their dissatisfaction with the non-exhaustive rules governing the payment of allowances to MPs.

Asked whether such criminal proceedings were being initiated due to his political activities, Adamovics admitted that he "had such thoughts in his head".

LETA also reported, Saeima had been asked to allow criminal prosecution against MP Adamovics.

The violations were committed during the office of the 13th Saeima - starting from November 2018.

Adamovics told LETA that he disagrees with the charges. Adamovics' lawyer Ieva Garanca told LETA that the criminal procedure has been launched in relation with compensations for transport and accommodation for lawmakers. KNAB accuses the MP for defrauding about EUR 83 in transport compensation and about EUR 2,000 in accommodation compensation.

The lawyer said that in cases for transport compensations, the lawmakers has already paid the sum back into the budget, admitting his mistake in one of the episodes. In relation to the accommodations compensations, according to the lawyer, the lawyer believes it is a matter of interpretation of the regulations as the law does not state how much time the lawmaker should spend in an apartment on which compensation for rent is received.

Adamovics confirmed to LETA that if this matter is raised at Saeima, he will vote for lifting his immunity.