Riga - Endless Opportunities for Professional Growth and Development

  • 2023-01-05

In today’s highly competitive global economy, ambitious individuals understand the importance of gaining new skills and work experience if they want to advance in their chosen careers.

Building international networks, searching for exciting opportunities and facing new challenges such as working abroad can do exactly this, accelerating their professional growth and development.

The Riga Workcation program is the perfect opportunity to do exactly that.

This innovative program offers five representatives from international businesses the chance to work in Riga for a short time and experience the young, innovative and creative workforce, thriving start-up scene, and fantastic coworking spaces, and build their global network for future success.

What is the Workcation program?

The Workcation programme is an incentive by Riga Investment and Tourism Agency that allows large international businesses to spend a week working in Riga.

Designed to attract investment to the city and promote professional growth and development, participants can enjoy the thriving business environment, build their international network and explore this stunning Baltic capital city for themselves.

With full accommodation for a week, flights, coworking spaces and a bespoke plan to suit the participant company’s needs, it also offers an outstanding opportunity for team building, professional growth and development and international success.

Applicants should:

- Have a turnover of €10 million +         

- Employ more than 50 employees

- Work in tech or innovation industries   

- Have a registered legal structure or subsidiary outside of Latvia

Apply here.

How can the Workcation program benefit your career?

Expand your international professional network

By participating in the Workcation program, team members can open doors in their chosen industry and build an international network that provides opportunities for professional growth and development. This is accelerated by the bespoke plan created for your company including meetings with Riga City Council, opinion leaders and companies in similar industries.

Boosts your CV

When participants work in Riga for a short time, they will develop and strengthen multiple skills and abilities, including ‘soft skills’ such as the ability to connect with people of various nationalities and backgrounds. Additionally, they can also discover further exciting training opportunities that can help their CV stand out when applying for a promotion or new position.

Improves inspiration, motivation and creativity

Breaking out of the daily routine, working in a new environment and meeting new people from different backgrounds can boost motivation and reignite creative thought and innovation. The result? A happier, more fulfilled and forward-thinking team that can carry your company to even greater success.

Increased cultural awareness

The Riga Workcation program helps expose international businesses to the vast opportunities available on the global stage and encourages an awareness of diversity and cultural differences. This enhances personal and professional growth and can open doors for future success.


If you want to offer your team members the opportunity to expand their global network, boost innovation and accelerate their professional growth and development whilst enjoying a trip to this thriving Northern European city, apply for the Workcation program today.