Raptor's Rampage in RuneScape is Not Something You'd Want to Stop

  • 2023-02-14

The Raptor may be one of the most mysterious NPCs in Runescape, but nobody can deny his helpfulness. You'll see him around combat-related areas, but he refuses to take off his armor. He also doesn't seem to stay still, as he teleports out of the places he's in after a few minutes, barring some particular circumstances. Now that he's on a rampage, he's helping out adventurers with his favor, which can earn you tons of RS3 gold.

Raptor's Rampage Mechanics

During the event, you'll see The Raptor in War's Retreat. You can talk to him to gain Raptor's Favor once a day. The buff gives you three rolls for the rare drop table of applicable bosses (more on this later). You get the best outcome of those three, increasing your chances of getting rare, valuable loot.

This is signified by the message: 'Raptor's Favor flares up and gives you a rare reward.' Otherwise, the message will say, 'Raptor's Favor fades away without granting a rare reward.'

Unfortunately, Raptor's Favor gets used up after one boss. You can replenish it by logging in after the Daily Reset at midnight (UTC timezone). Take note that you can't regain the buff by waiting past the time in-game. You must log out, log back in, and talk to Raptor to get it again.

Applicable Bosses

As you can infer from the mechanics, the favor only applies to bosses with rare loot tables. A handful uses unique mechanics or doesn't have random rare rewards. Here are some examples:

- Arch-Glacor

- Crassian Leviathan

- Har-Aken and TzekJHaar-Aken

- Taraket the Necromancer

- Telos the Warden

- TzTok-Jad, TokHaar-Jad, and TzekHaar-Jad

Fighting the bosses listed above will not consume the buff; you don't have to worry about the buff when battling those enemies. As you can see, the bosses where you can get the Fire Cape and related gear are included because you can only get the equipment if you succeed in the minigame.

This event will end on January 22, so use it while it's still available!

The Cost of Death

Players have noted that dying is one of the biggest drains of RS3 gold. Even if the Ring of Death and some other mechanics mitigate its effects, it remains an inconvenience nobody can avoid. Depending on the activity you were doing, you could lose items as well as a bit of your experience. In some cases, retrieving the items can cost so much it could be cheaper to replace them in the GE.

So, along with The Raptor's Rampage, the update cuts death costs by a whopping 80%. The Ring of Death's effect is now a damage-over-time status that increases its damage every tick to compensate and make it still viable. It also guarantees you'll respawn right where you died. Still, due to the status, you must defeat the boss or get to safety before you get wiped out again.

The Grand Exchange is putting a tariff on every transaction on the market to balance it out on the economy's side. Player death was once a large gold sink, and with the reduced costs, something has to replace it to keep the balance. It's 2% of the transactions, so it should be acceptable for item flippers or traders.

It can still change up the method, though. Sellers losing 2% of small transactions may seem small, but it accumulates faster than losing 2% of expensive trades. Plus, they'd have to do the former more often than the latter, making their losses more significant in a shorter period.

Enjoy the Event and Less Punishing Deaths

More loot and fewer death costs should be a celebration for players. However, it is marred by the tariffs in the GE. If you play your trades right it shouldn't be too much of a problem. There should be minimal adjustments unless you need to rethink earning RS3 gold from the GE.

With the event still in play, it's time to defeat bosses for the increased chances for loot. It could be a long time before an event like it comes around, so take advantage of the opportunity.

Your adventures in Gielinor just got more exciting with this event. Have fun, and don't worry about your hauls, as there's always tomorrow to get what you want.