Pro-Kremlin media accuse NATO of spreading anti-Russia propaganda

  • 2017-01-23
  • BNS/TBT Staff

RIGA - The East Stratcom Task Force team's latest weekly Disinformation Review focuses on several instances where NATO is being accused of spreading anti-Russia propaganda.

The review refers to a publication that says NATO is implementing a complex propaganda campaign against Russia, made up of several elements, including that Russia has interfered in the U.S. presidential election, was involved in disruptive activities in Ukraine and Crimea, and poses threat to the upcoming elections in Germany. The review says that NATO does not spread propaganda, and lists several sources that clearly indicate Russia's involvement in the processes stated above.

The review also mentions the deployment of U.S. troops to Poland and cites an article that says these are not EU forces, therefore they should be viewed as a threat to Russia. The Disinformation Review explains though that the deployment of the U.S. soldiers to Poland is a deterrence and defense initiative in the wake of Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Likewise, the Baltic countries have also been targeted by disinformation, where the main point is that the deployment of U.S. military to the region is a step toward starting a military conflict with Russia. The Disinformation Review reminds about the NATO summit in Warsaw and decisions taken at the summit to improve the defense of individual NATO member countries.

Pro-Kremlin media still write quite extensively about Ukraine, trying to convince their audiences that Russia is not involved in the military conflict in Ukraine, some media going as far as to say that Russian invasion of Donbass is a fabrication by Western countries' media and that European media consistently lie about the situation in Ukraine.

The Disinformation Review states that there is compelling evidence of Russia's intervention in Ukraine, and points out that several media spreading such accusations are closely associated with the Kremlin.