Overcoming Polish labyrinths: the thorny path to the coveted residence permit

  • 2024-07-03

Permanent residence in Poland is a tantalising dream for many, promising stability, new opportunities and access to the benefits of the European Union. But the coveted stałego pobytu card (karta stałego pobytu) is not just a coveted document, but a real prize that is not easy to obtain. The path to a residence permit is thorny, the bureaucratic labyrinths seem endless and the requirements are sometimes illogical.

But do not despair!

Many people have already travelled this path, and their experience, as well as knowledge of the pitfalls will help you not only not to break under the pressure of paperwork, but also to make your cherished dream a reality.

First steps: study the battlefield

Before diving into the maelstrom of registration, it is important to thoroughly study all the requirements and prepare documents. There is a lot of information on the Internet, but it is scattered and sometimes contradictory.

I recommend starting with official sources:

- The website of the Office for Foreigners

- Website of the Voivodeship Office of the place of residence (each voivodeship has its own website)

- Counselling centres for foreigners

Study not only the general requirements, but also the nuances concerning your specific situation.