Petrov’s Dogs:

  • 2014-04-24
  • TBT Staff

RIGA - “Petrov’s Dogs” is a visceral, morally alive, and empathetic series of canine portraits, in which viewers will recognise their own eyes glaring back.

Ukrainian artist, Evgeny Petrov, has said: "I ​​paint what irritates me in reality. In the case of dogs, I often draw myself."

Petrov exposes genres of mistreatment and inhame urban environments, in which his canine subjects are often portrayed as victims; humans - by default - are designated perpetrators.

According to Petrov, "a dog, taken out of life context, becomes an independent character, a person.”

“Often, I draw fighting and homeless dogs. Domestic animals do not develop self-preservation instinct they always have hope in someone. They do not have a characteristic emotional experience of homeless dogs. The homeless ones are different - they adapt to the harsh and cruel environment and rely on their instincts only. To survive they frequently join a pack.”

The exhibition is organised by Latvian cultural projects in collaboration with SIA “Rigas Nami,” contemporary art gallery “TSEKH” (Ukraine) and curated by Maris Vitols.

The exhibition “Petrov’s dogs” will be displayed at the Riga Art Space Intro Hall from 15th of March until 27th of April.