NATO to deploy additional forces

  • 2014-04-17
  • From wire reports, RIGA

NATO said Wednesday, April 16, that it will deploy more air, sea and land forces in Eastern Europe in response to the worsening crisis in Ukraine due to aggressive Russian moves, reports AFP.

"Today we have agreed a package of military measures," NATO head Anders Fogh Rasmussen said after a meeting of all 28 members of the transatlantic alliance.

"We will have more planes in the air, more ships on the water... and more readiness on land," he said, adding that NATO defense plans will be "reviewed and reinforced."

With its current activities in Ukraine, Russia has shown that it doesn’t belong in a global, lawful and civilized society.

Rasmussen however refused to detail what new forces would be deployed and where, but said they would result in increased air sorties over the Baltic Sea, while additional ships would go there and to the eastern Mediterranean.

The decision will be implemented "immediately" and there will be more to come, he added.

As the Ukraine crisis has unfolded, NATO has already taken a number of steps, with the United States sending fighter aircraft to the Baltic States and to Poland to bolster confidence in member states once ruled by Moscow.

Rasmussen stressed that NATO would stand by any ally against any threat, while the measures announced were entirely in keeping with international law and the alliance's commitment to deterrence.

He repeated calls for Russia "to be part of the solution" in Ukraine, to stop the destabilization of its Soviet era satellite, pull back its troops from the border and to make clear it "does not support" extremists.

Asked what bearing the decision could have on EU-U.S. talks with Russia and Ukraine in Geneva on Thursday, Rasmussen said: "We have taken military steps which we think are necessary to enhance deterrence." At the same time, "we agree that a political solution is the only way forward," he said.