Latvija in brief

  • 2014-01-08

In an interview with the Russian-language newspaper Vesti Segodna, Latvian Ambassador to Russia Astra Kurme said that in order to maintain the improvement of relations with Russia, Latvian President Andris Berzins must attend the Sochi Olympic’s opening ceremony. The ambassador emphasized that, compared with other years, relations with Russia have improved, but that the two sides must still be more active in expanding economic relations. “My task is to retain the level of enthusiasm until the moment we will be ready to move on to the next level of relations. Kurme explained that historical matters must still be solved, access to archives, as well as grave-sites of fallen Latvians in Russian territory. “In a discussion with Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov promised to review legislation which restricts access to Russian archives,” Kurme said. The ambassador added that the matter of Latvia’s occupation should be left for a commission of historians to review, not the government.

Ilmars Rimesevics began his third term as Bank of Latvia president on Dec. 21, reports Saeima re-elected Rimsevics for another term in office in October. He was the only candidate for the position, and was nominated by the coalition. The Bank of Latvia president is appointed to a six-year term. Rimsevics was first appointed in December 2001, and was re-appointed for a second term in December 2007. His career at the Bank of Latvia started as vice president in July 1992, and in August 1992 he was appointed board chairman.

Latvians are not very good at selling things, but they make excellent experts in their fields, said research and strategic development company Academia Strategies partner Janis Skruzkalns, reports In order to trace the Latvians’ gene of entrepreneurship, Academia Strategies and the Forum of Small and Medium Enterprises carried out a survey, interviewing a total of 1,400 residents in Latvia. The survey was carried out in several categories - upcoming businesspeople, businesspeople, self-employed, start-ups, employees, students. “The study shows that we are not very good at selling things, because Latvians largely lack the opportunist’s gene - only 9 percent have it. Skruzkalns explained that this gene was characteristic of professional salespersons, stock brokers and venture capital investors. Those who have this gene are characterized by striving to accumulate professional experience in one particular area and over a long period of time, added Skruzkalns.