Election Commission orders Daugavpils re-count

  • 2013-06-12
  • From wire reports

Livija Jankovska requested new elections.

RIGA - The Central Election Commission on June 10 suspended the Daugavpils Election Commission’s decision to confirm the results of the Daugavpils city elections, and ordered the local election commission to go through the scanned ballots once again, reports LETA. However, there is no reason to call new elections in Daugavpils, the Central Election Commission said.

According to the Central Election Commission’s decision, the Daugavpils Election Commission will have to go through all the scanned ballots by June 20 in order to determine if the ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ signs that voters gave to candidates had been counted correctly. If the scans are of poor quality, the respective polling station will have to scan the ballots anew and recount the ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ signs.
The Central Election Commission made the decision following a complaint, which said that ballot scans from some of the polling stations were of inadequate quality, making it impossible to see precisely if there were ‘plus’ or ‘minus’ marks on the ballots.

The complaint, filed by Our Party/Reform Party candidate Livija Jankovska, also asked the Central Election Commission to hold repeat elections in Daugavpils.
The Our Party/Reform Party ticket failed to clear the 5 percent threshold in Daugavpils City Council election by one-hundredth a percent - the party took 4.99 percent of the vote.

Harmony Center took 23.02 percent of the vote in Daugavpils; 22.79 percent voted for the Latgale Party; 10.25 percent for the Development Party; 10.18 percent for the Alternative party; 8.37 percent for the Social Justice Party/People’s Control ticket; 5.86 percent for Daugavpils My Home, and 5.58 percent for the Daugavpils Rebirth party.