Latvija in brief - 2013-03-21

  • 2013-03-20

KPMG Baltics, the administrator of the defunct “Latvijas Krajbanka,” recovered 1.323 million lats (1.882 million euros) worth of the bank’s assets in February. 1.27 million lats was recovered from loans, 51,510 lats by selling real estate, 319 lats by selling movable property, 1,733 lats by selling the bank’s subsidiary “LKB M&A.” 3.135 million lats was recovered in January, including 1.895 million lats from loans and 1.221 million lats from real estate. “Krajbanka” assets amounted to 198.546 million lats at the end of February. Loans constituted the largest share in the bank’s assets in February - 157.737 million lats. “Krajbanka” liabilities reached 465.683 million lats at the end of February, the bank’s capital stood at minus 267.137 million lats.

Latvia’s population dropped by 307,000 or 12.9 percent in 2000-2010, 115,000 of which was due to natural attrition and 192,000 because of migration, according to the Central Statistical Bureau’s estimates based on the revised number of residents. In 2011, Latvia’s population reduced by 33,000, 10,000 of which was due to attrition, and 23,000 because of migration. The acquired results in respect to net migration indicate that the consequences of the economic crisis are inevitably reflected in a steep increase in net migration in 2009–2010. Since 2008, net migration has been comprising more than two thirds (77 percent) of the total population decrease. In 2000-2010, life expectancy at birth for females increased by two years to 78 years in 2010, while for males it grew by three years, and the life expactancy was 68 years in 2010. Life expectancy at birth in 2011 was 69 years for males and 79 years for females.

President Andris Berzins met with Culture Minister Zaneta Jaunzeme-Grende (VL-TB/LNNK) to discuss preparations for this summer’s XXV Song and XV Dance Festival, and plans for events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Latvia. The festival will be broadcast on the Internet, several big screens will be set up in the city for Rigans and tourists to follow festival events, and elevated platforms will be set up for a better view of the traditional procession of festival participants. 40,000 participants will take part, including 56 ensembles of Latvian Diaspora members from all over the world and 100 ethnic minority ensembles. The minister informed that 30 events will be free of charge and tickets to the remaining events will go on sale April 6.