Pavluts says ‘come home’

  • 2012-07-25
  • From wire reports

RIGA - Economy Minister Daniels Pavluts plans to implement several measures to foster Latvian migrants’ return home, he said on July 12 on the LNT morning show ‘900 sekundes,’ reports Latvia’s economy continues to develop and around 15,000 new jobs could be created each year, said Pavluts, adding that it also necessary to make use of the existing human resources in the country so that a foreign labor force would not be required.
At first, it is necessary to increase productivity, return Latvia’s residents and only then attract a highly-qualified foreign labor force to specific professions, said the minister, emphasizing that the attraction of a foreign labor force should not become widespread practice.

Pavluts also pointed out that it is currently unknown which specialists have left Latvia, as well as their actions and priorities abroad. Therefore it is necessary to establish ties with these people and create information channels.
The minister intends to draft the first measures by the end of the year. The measures will be connected with information circulation, introduced as of 2013, and will not require considerable funds. The second step will be to introduce return benefits, aid in finding new homes, kindergartens and schools, said Pavluts.

“We will not return them all,” admitted Pavluts, pointing out there should not be unrealistic goals. However, the minister expressed hope that a part of Latvian migrants will return.