Youth join anti-corruption battle

  • 2012-07-11
  • From wire reports

VILNIUS - Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite at the opening of Transparency International Summer School on July 9 said that the fight against corruption requires youth initiatives, reports ELTA. This unique summer school is being organized for the third time this year. Here the students analyze the causes and the manifestations of corruption and learn about the main corruption research tools. It is a way to promote transparency and resist corruption in their own environment.

Grybauskaite, who considers the fight against corruption as her top priority, highlights the importance of youth initiatives. The president says that active, honest and intolerant of corruption youth creates a more transparent society.
“Vilnius already for a third time, for a week, becomes the global capital of anti-corruption. Every year more and more young people join the fight against corruption, share the best practices and experiences. This suggests that attitudes towards corruption are changing and the fight becomes effective,” says Grybauskaite.

During Grybauskaite’s 3 year term of office, new tools for fighting corruption have been developed and institutions have already begun to use them. Periods of limitation were extended, penalties increased and the expanded confiscation of property was legalized.

Already 90 pre-trial investigations on illegal enrichment have been initiated. This year, more than 100 students from 36 countries worldwide attended Transparency International Summer School.