Third try for party chairman

  • 2011-11-09
  • From wire reports

TALLINN - The Estonian Greens party, which was left out of the parliament at the spring elections and has not managed to elect a new chairman in months, hopes to finally get its chairman elected in December, reports National Broadcasting. Election of a chairman has already failed twice, as the convening general assembly has not managed to get the required number of members present to elect a chairman.

Greens council member Mart Saarso said that people did not turn up for the assembly meetings because they are disappointed in the party.
The disappointment has also turned off the party’s financing taps while the party still has 20,000 euros of debt to pay from the elections. The party’s Web site was also closed because of the debts. Saarso said that this problem should be solved “in a matter of weeks.”

In December the party will convene for the third time to elect a chairman. The likelihood that a person will be elected this time is high since there is no quorum requirement anymore.
Saarso said that officially, the party has around 1,400 members, and after the parliament elections around 20 members have quit.