Aboltina welcomes all

  • 2011-09-28
  • From wire reports

RIGA - In trying to satisfy everyone, Unity leader Solvita Aboltina said on Sept. 26 in an interview on Latvian State Radio that although Unity and Zatlers’ Reform Party (ZRP) have reached a bilateral agreement to set up a stable coalition, the possibility to form a “rainbow government,” consisting of all parties elected to the 11th Saeima, cannot be eliminated, reports LETA. According to Aboltina, Unity proposed to form a government representing the entire political spectrum already after the previous elections, and it could be tried in this government as well.

She seems to already have forgotten that this latest election was called for, and the voters overwhelming supported, removing the oligarchs and their associates - such as Aivars Lembergs’ Union of Greens and Farmers - from running the government.
Unity and ZRP have reached a deal to form a stable government that can function for three years, and are currently developing the government program. Aboltina says both parties are working jointly but ZRP has the last word, as in the elections it had greater support than Unity.

Aboltina indicates that it is still not clear how many parties will be represented in the government, but they will try to find consent by Oct. 17. Asked about the prospects for Union of Greens and Farmers to be in the coalition, Aboltina avoided the issue, saying that the question “should be addressed to ZRP,” which has drawn the “red lines.”
“My opinion is that all parties must find points in common,” she said.

She also believes that President Andris Berzins will play a major role, as he will have exclusive rights to nominate the prime minister. “As the country’s economic development is more important for the president, he will definitely not nominate a prime minister that cannot find a majority,” says Aboltina. “The president has not said what kind of coalition he wants to see; the politicians will have to work jointly and implement the government program themselves.”

She believes Valdis Dombrovskis might maintain his position as prime minister, as the president will nominate an experienced person. Furthermore, Dombrovskis is a political authority in Latvia as well as abroad.
Meanwhile, commenting on Valdis Zatlers’ wish to become the speaker of the Saeima, Aboltina says he has not confirmed this to her.