Ministry of Defense attack unnconnected with Armenian community

  • 2011-08-17
  • From wire reports

CRIME SCENE: The Defense Ministry where Karen Drambjan opened fire on Aug. 11.

TALLINN - Karen Drambjan, who attacked the Defense Ministry of Estonia on Aug. 11, did not have any connection with the Armenian community of Estonia, head of the Armenian community of Tallinn, Razmik Ivanyan, told Armenpress, noting though that he cannot describe Drambjan, as he was known only as a person of Armenian descent.
“I have met with him once or twice. With this step he showed what kind of person he is: he tried to solve the social issues in that way,” Ivanyan said.

“We only want to present Armenian culture here,” the head of the Armenian community pointed out, commenting on the community’s goals.
Estonian United Left Party chairman Sergei Jurgens said that there were no political motives in the deeds of Drambjan, reports news agency LETA. Jurgens added that what he did could have been caused by personal problems.
The party chairman said that Drambjan was a common member of the party but still active, especially before the local municipality elections in Maardu in 2009. He did not get elected.
Jurgens said that Drambjan was known for having an explosive character; he often spoke his mind and had suffered major personal problems over the past 18 months. His friends said that he had lost his job as a lawyer and was in the process of losing his home.

“Some politicians are trying to associate this tragic incident with politics and show the Left Party as a party hostile towards Estonia. But I assure you that we are not enemies of Estonia,” said Jurgens.
Postimees Online wrote that Drambjan had for years posted angry comments on the Internet. In 2009, he wrote that non-Estonians in Estonia are treated like slaves, who are needed only for fulfilling the state budget and called on non-Estonians to fight for their rights since the Estonian government has already launched a civil war.
Estonian Security Police (KaPo) deputy director general Eerik Heldna did not wish to confirm whether these statements were the reason why Drambjan was the focus of KaPo’s interest. “We knew who he was,” said Heldna, adding that KaPo is not ready to reveal how the person was known to them.

Armenian-born Estonian citizen Drambjan entered the Estonian Defense Ministry building in Tallinn last Thursday, opened fire and used several explosion simulation devices and was later killed in a gunfight with the police. He did not present any demands.