Latvija in brief - 2011-07-14

  • 2011-07-13

Pointing to the tough road ahead in convincing the populace that he is working in their interests, a study carried out by the market, social and media research company TNS Latvia and LNT television shows that only 16 percent of economically-active Latvian residents believe that President Andris Berzins will be a good and independent president, reports LETA. Three percent of respondents believe that Berzins will definitely succeed, while 13 percent believe that such a possibility is quite probable. A majority, or 55 percent, of residents believe that Berzins will not become a good and independent president. Thirty-three percent predict that he will most likely not succeed in becoming such a president, and 22 percent were absolutely sure about it. Twenty-nine percent had no opinion. 900 economically-active residents aged 18 to 55 were interviewed during the survey. Berzins vowed that his every effort will be for the well-being of Latvia and its people.

Latvian poetess Elza Kezbere died on July 6 in New York at the age of 100, announced Tirza County Development Association Chairman Nils Treijs, reports LETA. Kezbere was born on May 5, 1911 in Tirza village. In 1944, she fled to Germany, and had lived in New York since 1950. The poetess has written nine poetry books. She wrote about love, Latvian nature, the memory of close people, as well as sorrow and resignation. More than 140 of her poems have been used as lyrics for popular songs. Kezbere was a recipient of the Three Star Order. The first Kezbere poetry collection, Profils stikla (Profile in the Glass), published in 1937, and ‘Dziedosais gliemezvaks’ (Singing Shell), published in 1938, reflect Kezbere’s love of beauty, her wallowing in the past, desire for love, and her love for small and beautiful things. In her poetry, Kezbere was looking for beauty and love.

President Andris Berzins was in Estonia on July 12 on his first foreign visit, where he invited Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves to pay a state visit to Latvia, reports LETA. Before their meeting, Ilves greeted Berzins in Latvian, ushering him in with the words: “Laipni ludzu!” (You are welcome!). After the meeting, Berzins took part in a working luncheon hosted by Ilves. Afterwards Berzins had a meeting with Estonian Prime Minister Andrus Ansip. Later in the afternoon, Berzins was to have a meeting with first deputy Speaker of Riigikogu Laine Randjarv. During the meetings the Latvian president was to discuss bilateral cooperation, economic relations and other topics, according to information published on his Twitter account. The visit was to be capped by a ceremonial placing of a wreath at the foot of the monument for victory in the War of Independence. The president’s next foreign visit will take place on July 19 to Lithuania.