Greens Party not broke

  • 2011-04-20
  • From wire reports

TALLINN - The Estonian Greens Party analyzed its election results at the weekend and the party’s spokesperson, Aleksei Lotman, said that there is no reason to fear bankruptcy of the party, reports National Broadcasting. The Estonian press wrote last week that the Greens, who were not elected to the parliament in the elections, are heavily indebted and are selling head office supplies and demanding bank candidacy deposits from members to pay off some of the debts.

Lotman told national television ETV that the party is paying off its debts and that he will take political responsibility for the election results: he will not continue in his post after the May general assembly and will become a simple member of the party.

He said that the party failed at the elections because it could not differentiate itself enough for the voters and did not have funds to organize a proper election campaign. “Shortage of money and exact knowledge of the voters was felt,” he said.
Lotman added that although the party had a firm decision that it won’t spend more than it has, during the end of the campaign that was a bit neglected. He did not pinpoint the size of the debt, but said that the party is not threatened by bankruptcy.

One of the organizers of the party’s election campaign and lead figure in the party, Valdur Lahtvee, said the Greens certainly have a future, since the green outlook continues to gain support in Europe.