Eesti in brief - 2010-12-16

  • 2010-12-15

A fresh poll carried out by Turu-uuringute indicates that the governing Reform Party is the firm leader in popularity polls and would win the March parliament elections, reports Postimees. While in October the Reform Party and the biggest opposition party Center Party were at equal positions, in November the Reform Party pulled ahead, with a 23 percent support rating against Center Party’s 17 percent. Pro Patria and Res Publica Union were supported by 11 percent, Social Democratic Party by 9 percent, People’s Union and the Greens Party by 2 percent each. Turu-uuringute CEO Tonis Stamberg said that all polls indicate that the Reform Party is increasing its lead. “The Reform Party has all the ace cards since the painful decisions made during difficult times have paid off and we can manage with our budget,” said Stamberg.

Head of Parliament’s security oversight committee, Jaanus Rahumagi, says that although the Dec. 11 Stockholm bombings were apparently the closest terrorism has come to Estonia so far, the alert level is not high, reports LETA. Local inhabitants have no reason for fear, Rahumagi said. “Estonian special services are attentively following the developments in Sweden and are working closely with their partners. To this point the special services have done their work well and have kept the situation under control,” said Rahumagi. At approximately 17:00 on Dec. 11, two explosions took place in downtown Stockholm, killing a suspected suicide bomber and slightly injuring two passers-by.

In the framework of a program offered by the Estonian Social Ministry starting next year, jobless people can first try working in the job they are offered for a few days, also giving the employer a chance to be convinced of the suitability of the person before a job contract is concluded, reports Postimees Online. A jobless person can practice working at a potential employer for a maximum of three days in the course of one job contest. Using the option is voluntary and during the trial the right to be registered as jobless and getting jobless benefits is preserved. Transport costs are also compensated for.