Lietuva in brief - 2008-07-03

  • 2008-07-03
A decade long mine-clearing operation that will remove ordinance from Lithuanian territory will attempt to clear explosives from the worst affected region of Lithuania. Soldiers of the Juozas Vitkus Engineering Battalion will attempt to clear mines in 222 locations in Lithuania prescribed by the Ministry of Defense. The bombs are left over from two world wars and the Soviet occupation. 14,000 hectares of target land will be cleared and inspected by 2018. 13 people were killed and six injured by explosives during the 1990-2006 period in Lithuania. Over 38,000 explosives found in various parts of the country as well as 160,000 of explosives found in Soviet bases have been removed since 1996. Mine-clearing workers have destroyed 2,500 items over the last year. Mine-clearers in Lithuania can receive up to five calls per day.

A woman, Cdt. Lina Kievisaite, was named as Best Cadet of the Lithuanian War Academy for the first time in the academy's history. The best cadet is picked on educational performance and achievements. The best graduating cadet receives a sword as symbol of honor from the prime minister.