Lietuva in brief - 2006-09-13

  • 2006-09-13
On Sept. 8 the leader of the parliamentary opposition, Andrius Kubilius, said he rejected a proposal by Kestutis Dauksys, the new leader of the Labor Party, to cooperate with the opposition as they see no benefit in creating a link between the two parties. Kubilus also commented on their discussions about an agreement between all opposition groups in Parliament. "It would be a decision destabilizing the whole country, and the proposal to oust the minority coalition would lead to great chaos," Kubilius told BNS after meeting with Dauksys.

The Lietuvos Rytas daily reported on Sept. 9 that prisoner Vygintas Ramanauskas, serving time at the 2nd correction facility in Pravieniskes, complained that rules preventing him from growing a beard interfered with his personal rights. Ramanauskas and another convict earlier submitted a complaint about the same problem, but the Kaunas District Administrative Court denied their claims. Prison officials told the newspaper that a beard and mustache might disguise the identity of the prisoners, making security work more difficult and allowing prisoners to escape more easily.

A Vilnius city bus driver was filmed wandering around in his underwear by VIP Security Department cameras in the square between the President's Office and the Defense Ministry. Witnesses said the bus driver took off his jacket, shirt and pants, and then threw away his wallet and mobile phone. The man then crossed the square and ran into a nearby street. The items dropped by the man were collected by the president's security officers, who then identified the man by the information in his wallet.

A RAIT poll shows that, of the 1,100 Lithuanians polled, 25 percent fully disapproved of participation in a UN sponsored mission to Southern Lebanon. Forty-one percent were merely against the initiative, while 18 percent had no opinion, 13 percent were in support, and 2 percent were in full support, 1 percent did not respond. The poll was sponsored by BNS and carried out by RAIT market analysis.