Lietuva in brief - 2005-12-14

  • 2005-12-14
Experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency were due to arrive in Lithuania to assess a program for the construction of a repository for low and intermediate level radioactive waste. Three potential sites for a low and intermediate level radioactive waste repository have been selected, and IAEA experts are scheduled to visit the sites near the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant.

After a referendum against the euro failed, euroskeptics intend to organize new action on retaining the litas next spring. The initiative group, which in mid-September started collecting signatures for a referendum, managed to cull together approximately 150,000 signatures over three months. At least 300,000 signatures are required to initiate a referendum.

In connection with the country's plans to adopt the euro in January 2007, prices in both currencies will have to be indicated for at least six months - three before and three after the introduction of the euro. In addition, Lithuania's euro-commission ruled this week that banks should have euro notes starting December 2006. It also called on a more active promotion campaign to reduce the current lack of public trust in the new currency.

The Foreign Ministry expressed indignation over statements by a top Belarusian security official about the alleged training of Belarusian saboteurs in Lithuania and shooting lessons given to Belarusian oppositionists in early November. "The Lithuanian Foreign Ministry hopes that open cooperation between neighboring states and nations without artificial impediments will help dissolve the disinformation about the training of non-existent terrorist groups in our country and other myths about our country 's a member of NATO and the European Union," reads a press release issued by the ministry on Dec. 13.