Police: Pae Street bomber a sociopath who targets 'society dropouts'

  • 2005-11-09
  • From wire reports
TALLINN - A bomb exploded on Tallinn's infamous Pae Street on Nov. 3, killing a 27-year-old man and forcing investigators to increase the amount of reward money for information that will help apprehend the criminal.

Last week's bomb was similar in size and substance to previous devices that have exploded on Pae Street in the past, investigators said.

All told, 15 explosions have occurred on Pae Street and the surrounding area over the past 10 years. The total victim count is nine dead and another nine injured.

The latest victim, identified only as Aleksandr, lived in a nearby apartment block and was, according to police information, unemployed. It is also believed that he had a drug-abuse problem, police said.

Based on the victim's profile, investigators believe the suspect is an older man who lives alone and has targeted society's dropouts, the Postimees reported.

Heino Tonismagi, the prosecutor in charge of the investigation, said the bomber had an interest in explosives, and it was possible that he tested his devices beforehand in some remote place such as an abandoned quarry.

At an extraordinary session on Nov. 4, the Tallinn city government decided to increase the reward for information on the bomber to 1 million kroons (64,000 euros).

The funds will be paid out on the basis of a letter by the security police confirming that information supplied by this concrete individual led to solving of the crimes, spokespeople for the city government said.

The previous explosion took place on Sept. 9 when a 66-year-old maintenance worker on Pae 56 was killed as he inadvertently set off an explosive device hidden in a bucket. Debris from the blast caused minor injuries to a 10-year-old boy.