Lithuanian president wishes Simonyte success in taking on PM's role

  • 2020-10-26
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS – Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda has congratulated the conservative Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats on their election victory and wished Ingrida Simonyte success in taking over the helm of the future government.

"I congratulated the Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats on the election victory which is undoubted. As the party nominated Ingrida Simonyte for prime minister, I believe it's absolutely logical to wish Ingrida Simonyte success in the prime minister's position. But before that, all necessary work needs to be done on the coalition formation and on the distribution of ministerial portfolios," Nauseda said after meeting on Monday with the leaders of the parties elected into the country's parliament.

The president said he could conclude that "both the parties from the ruling coalition, and those of the future opposition, their representatives, have already forgotten the election battles and are ready to start working constructively, either in the opposition or in the ruling coalition".

Speaking of the formation of the future government, the president said that experience, political will and ability to complete work planned for the parliament term would be the key requirements for ministers.

Asked whether potential candidates to lead the Ministries of National Defense and Foreign Ministry were discussed, Nauseda said that some names were mentioned, adding, however, it's too early to disclose them.

"I won't hide that some names were mentioned. But today it would be too soon to consider such names as set in stone. Agreements still need to be reached on which party gets which ministry, and who would become speaker of the Seimas. So we still need to take a long path to be able to speak about any names and personalities," the president said.

Nauseda also underlined that besides the National Defense and Foreign Affairs Ministries, it’s also important for him who will take the lead of the Health Ministry and the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports "as Lithuania's future will depend on these sectors considerably".

Nauseda also expressed his hope to agree with the future right-wing coalition on his welfare state vision and urged the parties not to forget the expectations of those who voted for right-wing parties' opponents.

"We spoke about the way the parties imagine a welfare state and whether we are speaking the same language and about the same content but only using different terms, and I can just positively conclude that we all see Lithuania's future in a similar way. Lithuania must be a green and innovative state ensuring social peace, and it's impossible to do that without reducing social-regional exclusion which is very high right now," the head of state said.

"Means, instruments, methods are secondary matters. Priorities are key and I do believe we will agree with the new ruling majority on the priority issue," the president added.

In opposition up until now, the Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats, won Sunday's parliament election in Lithuania and secured 50 seats in the new parliament. They are now in the process of forming a center-right ruling coalition with the Liberal Movement and the Freedom Party. The parties are proposing Ingrida Simonyte for prime minister and should have a majority of 74 votes in the Seimas.