Lietuva in brief

  • 2015-07-02

Gang warfare stopped

Lithuanian police on Sunday prevented a mass brawl between Polish and Russian football hooligans.
Based on preliminary information from Polish police, Lithuanian police officers found out that a fight involving around 200 to 250 football hooligans from Poland and Russia was planned to take part in a location in the county of Kaunas, the Police Department said in a press release.

The police at around 5 a.m. detained five Polish fans in the district of Lazdijai, at the border with Poland. They had maps with possible locations of clashes and such items as gloves, masks, kneepads and other protective equipment, as well as instructions on how to behave in emergencies.
Officers later detained another four Polish citizens on a motorway and took them to the Kaisiadorys District Police Commissariat, the department said.

Translucent trolleybuses
Testing of a light, translucent trolleybus began in the city of Kaunas this June. According to Professor Rimantas Didziokas, says the trial phase will allow testing possibilities of operating without a contact trolleybus network.
“Our goal is to take a trolleybus route, go until the last stop, disconnect from the power system and to go to the nearest settlement, turn around, go back, reconnect and finish the route,” Didziokas told journalists in Kaunas.

The creators have calculated that the trolleybus’ fully-charged battery would allow traveling 80 kilometers. The trial version, called “the Dancer” was produced by the company Vejo Projektai from an old Skoda trolleybus. Under the plan, 20 “Dancer” trolleybuses would be initially produced for the Lithuanian market in the first year, and later on up to 1,000 vehicles could be assembled every year.