Latest developments in preserving The Baltic Sea

  • 2022-11-28

A dream place- where you can immerse in and lose yourself in or just stroll on the beach for a dose of soul-healing peace and quiet. This might not be too far away as the Baltic Sea offers a glimpse of the rich Scandinavian culture as you sail it on a cruise ship. 

But this dream can easily become a nightmare. With the rising temperatures and increasingly frequent extreme weather patterns wreaking havoc on coastal areas, protecting the Baltic Sea for future generations is now more important than ever before.

Current state of the Baltic Sea pollution

The situation in the Baltic Sea has been called the “Cradle of Europe”, but are these claims just talk? You would do well to take a deep breath and reflect on this before deciding on how to best protect the Baltic Sea. There are also questions regarding the sustainability of the ecosystem and the abundance of the species that live on the seabed.

When it comes to the damage done to the Baltic Sea by climate change, there are many opinions to be had. Regardless of your views on climate change, the fact remains that it is now the responsibility of everyone, including coastal states, to save this charming little piece of Northern Europe.

As our knowledge of the Baltic Sea oil fields has grown, so have claims that these are the sources of global carbon emissions. This is not the case though, as there is no evidence to suggest that the fields produce fossil fuels.

In fact, the fields produce a wide variety of renewable and non-fossil fuels which helps to create a secure energy source for the region, but it also poses a serious threat to the ecological balance of the sea.

An interesting destination for your vacation

While looking at the Baltic Sea map you might discover things that you would've never thought about. One of these wonders is the Baltic Sea anomaly. When discovered in 2011, a lot of interesting suggestions about what it might be arose in the media.

Newspapers, such as UK’s Daily Mail, and even TV channels tried to guess what might be hiding on the floor of this body of water but the answer is still up for debate, so you could as well take your own shot in the dark.

The Russian Baltic Sea also shows an incredible sight - Curonian Spit with breath-taking Parnidis sand dune with a granite sundial which still shows the time accurately.

There’s still hope: How to protect the Baltic Sea                                             

On the surface, the situation in the Baltic is pretty bad. However, there is still hope for the future of this beautiful ecosystem - even though human waste and excessive nutrients are damaging the Baltic Sea as things stand now. Today it’s crucial to look into nature conservation before visiting on the Baltic Sea day (usually around the end of August), so we can protect its beauty.

The cleanup of the Baltic Sea oil is already very much delayed due to the fact that most of the final infrastructure will have to be built in the North Sea and the North American coasts. There’s a lot of talk about how we can save the Baltic Sea and the conclusion was that there are several ways you can protect the sea floor even from your own backyard.

One of the best ways to go about this is by starting a small project each year to clean your boat. This will not only clean the water, but it will also help to increase the nutrient content of the water.

Or maybe you could decide to skip the Baltic Sea cruise next time and opt for taking your vacation travels on land by train. Once these cruise ships might have had the glamor and the entertainment justifying the visit, but the slightly cheaper tax free shopping or the opportunity to try your luck in casino games are not that big of attractions anymore. Not really, when nowadays the more comfortable way for gambling is online, for example on a truly hassle free Brite casino, to make things easier and to keep the emissions smaller at the Baltic Sea.

The Baltic Sea is an incredibly beautiful place to visit. It has endless variety and a soothing sea where you feel safe and welcomed. The problem is that there is so much room for improvement. It is therefore very important to make a plan for the future and take action. The Baltic Sea is one of the most beautiful places in Europe and it is our chance to take action and protect this unique landscape.