KNAB wants charges brought against MP Zakatistovs and businessman Tamuzs for large-scale fraud

  • 2019-04-10
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The Corruption Prevention Bureau (KNAB) has turned to the Prosecutor's Office with the request to bring charges against MP Atis Zakatistovs (KPV LV) and businessman Viesturs Tamazs, according to information obtained by LETA.

The KNAB informed LETA that during the investigation it was determined that these illegal activities were carried out in the interests of a legal entity, but refrained from going into more specifics.

KNAB chief Jekabs Straume told Latvian Radio today that a separate criminal process has been detached from the above mentioned one, and that an investigation into ''another individual'' continues. He did not go into any more detail.

Meanwhile, Zakatistovs denied his involvement in any illegal activities to members of the press today, and said that he would like to acquaint himself with the materials.

Zakatistovs said that he has not committed any sort of fraud and only provided consultations, but did not specify what kind of consultations.

Asked if he will relinquish his MP mandate if charges are brought against him, Zakatistovs said that he has not yet made such a decision.

As reported, KNAB officials this past summer detained MP Artuss Kaimins (KPV LV), Zakatistovs and businessman, Eco Baltic council chairman Viesturs Tamuzs. According to the KNAB statement, the criminal proceedings have been started against these three persons over illegal financing of a political organization, aiding and abetting illegal financing of a political organization, as well as soliciting or accepting illegal financing for a political party. All these offenses are punishable with jail terms, community service or fines.