How to start your poker business

  • 2019-11-04
  • Hillary Walker

In our fast-paced digital age, many products and services are delivered at the click of a mouse. The entertainment and gambling industries are no exception, with platforms and mobile apps developed for the sake of convenience and accessibility. Poker remains one of the most popular games, and its digital versions are only gaining more followers.

Nowadays, the process of setting up a poker room is hassle-free thanks to advanced software development solutions. For example, consider the poker software described at and its many features. Thanks to the advent of digitization, internet-based gambling is more accessible than ever, and it brings actual revenue. But where should you start?

1. Software providers

If you are only entering the realm of internet poker business, it is best to take advantage of ready-made solutions. With a trustworthy developer, you can expect your business to take off quickly. Some suppliers, such as Evenbet, have been around for over a decade, with tons of successful projects to back up their claims.

2. Nature of online business

With an internet-based poker platform, you need not worry about the usual overheads, such as rent, tellers, dealers, or security guards. Certain aspects will, however, entail costs, albeit incomparably lower:

- systems for traffic processing;

- the security system that safeguards users from external attacks;

- customer care team;

- merchant account.

3. License

For any poker room owner, a gaming license is mandatory, and it must be issued by a credible gaming authority. The absence of a license will render the business illegal.

Generally, the process of getting one is long and often tedious. Be mentally prepared for annoying paperwork, and start planning beforehand. In terms of location, you may be based anywhere, provided that local legislation allows it. Any attempts to go offshore must be undertaken with oversight by an experienced lawyer. A software provided producing turnkey solutions will also help you solve the problem.

4. Software

You will need to pick one of the two options: devising your own platform or delegating the process to pros. There are quite a few iGaming developers out there who could create a platform based on your specific preferences and expectations. On the other hand, licensing iGaming software from a specialized company with package solutions is faster and more cost-effective. In essence, you will receive the product on a turnkey basis, provided you pay a licensing fee ($150,000 on average) and a monthly share of gross profit.

5. Promotion

Once the platform is up and running, you will need to launch a marketing campaign. It must be meticulously planned in advance. There are a few advertising channels to consider.

- Efficient SEO (search engine optimization) will push your site to top positions in search engine results displayed to users searching for things like “play poker online”.

- Reviews and ratings on dedicated forums and websites will attract new visitors to your platform.

- Blogs and playing tips will encourage poker enthusiasts to play on your platform.