How to add ethnic elements to your interior?

  • 2022-07-19

Ethno style is a great opportunity to create an original interior with an individual character. This design is suitable for everyone who loves traveling or is interested in the culture of other countries. Ethnic motifs are persistent in both modern and traditional interiors. Modern designers willingly complement their projects with ethnic details, and manufacturers of home accessories offer a lot of furnishings in this style. 

We will share tips on how to convey the atmosphere of any country in your home, while maintaining stylish comfort.

Choosing furniture and carpets

Many designers use large antique furniture as the main ethnic accent in the apartment. So an old figured wardrobe or a stylized one from williston forge, goes well with round coffee tables or chairs with unusual figured backs. A Moroccan trestle bed or round cast-iron teapots will fit perfectly into such a set. An important detail in the interior can be simple thin shelves or glass showcases: here you can place travel artifacts - ceramics, photographs, books.

Atmosphere of comfort

Perhaps the key disadvantage of many modern interiors is their facelessness. If you believe that this deficiency is inherent in your home, consider adding ethnic motifs to the decor. They have a pronounced character and are able to instantly transform a boring space. Ethnodesign embodies the history of nations, their cultural customs and traditions. It is a complex direction that requires a serious approach to its implementation, because it cannot be created only by transferring textures and colors, here you need to use the decor and unique attributes of certain cultures. Uncomplicated patterns, pleasant natural tones, natural materials - these elements of ethnic style exude homely warmth. Feel free to add them to your interior to make it even more comfortable and habitable.

Bring good souvenirs from your travels

This habit can become a great family tradition. Frames, vases, figurines, panels, paintings - decorate your home with everything that can connect you with the place and culture of the country you are visiting. It could be a piece of Nordic art from your trip to Art Week in Pärnu, an unusual lamp or a local dress - anything goes. Don't forget about original dining accessories. Ethnic motifs can also be added to the table setting: dishes with such an ornament will look unusual and fresh.

Compatibility with natural materials

Eco-style is at the peak of popularity, and natural materials are more relevant than ever. Modern design strives for naturalness, where natural materials - fabrics, leather, wood, metal - have become an integral part of the interior. That is why properly selected textiles made of linen, cotton or wool will easily add naturalness to the interior and become an actual element in the interior. Pillows and blankets, made of durable soft cotton, are decorated with voluminous original patterns: geometric ornaments, tassels and fringes. Despite the variety of options, together they form an ideal composition in ethno style. Therefore, the compatibility of ethnic motifs with natural fabrics, leather, wood, metal is an absolute plus.

Originality and color neutrality

You can't deny originality to pieces of furniture made in ethnic style. And even if the general atmosphere of your home is far from such motifs, you can add them as a "highlight" - bright accents that attract the eye. Many are afraid of ethnic details in the interior, mistakenly believing that they must be made in bright, flashy colors. In fact, the color scheme of such decorative accessories can be quite neutral - and they will fit perfectly into almost any color palette.

Don’t overdo it

Despite the fact that everyone loves to travel and the culture of other countries, it’s important not to turn the space into an overloaded room with exotic monuments. To prevent this from happening, try to maintain the interior in neutral colors, leaving only one bright accent. Remember that ethnic motifs, even in muted colors, should not be used everywhere, but as discreet accents or for zoning a room.

Don't be afraid to mix styles

If your room is designed in a different style, it will only play into your hands - the interior will turn into a bold eclecticism. This style, loved by many for its creative freedom and originality, harmoniously combines a variety of interior trends. 

A stylish addition to eclectic interiors

Eclecticism, that is, a harmonious combination of heterogeneous styles in one interior, is loved by many for creative freedom and originality. Ethnic accessories will be a wonderful addition to an eclectic setting, adding another bright touch to it.

Ethnic patterns are very graphic and will be a great addition to overly soft, airy interiors. Such ornaments will add zest to light monochrome space, making it more harmonious and whole. You’ll find a mixture of clear, brilliant geometric shapes and silhouettes with antique in spiritual things, handmade from expensive materials. Therefore, colorful ethnic souvenirs can look new against the backdrop of futuristic gadgets. The meaning of such a mixture is work in contrast, emphasizing the features of each style.

To add ethnicity to your interior, bring any little things from the country with which you wanted to associate your home. Books, photographs, figurines will look great on laconic shelves that do not attract attention or in small glass showcases. Another important element in the design of such a room is the right choice of textiles: blankets, decorative pillows and carpets with voluminous geometric patterns. And you can go even further by starting to choose furniture: massive wardrobes, vintage coffee tables and armchairs with curly backs will do. Do not be afraid to add ethnicity to traditional or modern interiors - a mixture of trends will turn your home into an original eclectic interior.

Wide range of uses

Ethnic motifs are not only ornamental textiles and African figurines. The possibilities of use are quite wide: there are wallpapers, wall panels, tiles in this style, not to mention paintings, posters, vases and other decorative elements of the situation.

By the way, ethnic motifs can also be added to the table setting: dishes with such ornaments look stylish, bright and fresh. Just be prepared for a ton of questions from friends and family at different parties and gatherings!

Calming effect

Unobtrusive patterns, natural colors, natural materials and other essential elements of ethnic style have a soothing, relaxing, calming effect and are great for decorating a bedroom and recreation area.

Space for hand-made

It is not so difficult to create accessories in ethnic style with your own hands: dream catchers, variations on the theme of macrame and hand-made posters with ornaments are especially popular with needleworkers. Give it a try - it won't take long, but you'll be rewarded with a unique designer piece of decor.


In addition to all the above advantages of ethnic motifs, there is another good reason to add them to your interior. As we’ve already established, decorative accessories in this style are at the peak of popularity, which means that with their help you can quickly and easily refresh the atmosphere and make it more trendy. Of course, you can change the decor elements, adding new details from your trips and creating new interesting mixes.