For Latvia and Ventspils party to assess possibilities to nominate Lembergs for mayor

  • 2021-06-06
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - For Latvia and Ventspils party, which won local elections in Latvia's northwestern port city of Ventspils on Saturday, will consult lawyers and assess possibilities to repeatedly nominate their jailed leader Aivars Lembergs for Ventspils mayor, the party's representative Guntis Blumbergs told LETA. 

Blumbergs said that the loss of two seats on the city council is a serious setback for the party but that given the active campaign against For Latvia and Ventspils ahead of the elections and the imprisonment of the party's leader Lembergs, the result could be even worse. 

In Blumbergs' words, given the circumstances, this result is a victory. The party now has to come together, analyze the results and keep working.

Asked if the party will nominate Lembergs for Ventspils mayor, Blumbergs said that For Latvia and Ventspils has yet to consult lawyers on the matter. At any rate, Lembergs was and still remains the party's mayoral candidate, Blumbergs said. 

He added that politicians should seriously think about reasons for the low voter turnout. 

As reported, the regional party For Latvia and Ventspils, led by jailed former Ventspils Mayor Aivars Lembergs, has retained its majority in the city of Ventspils, according to information from the Central Election Commission.

For Latvia and Ventspils gained 54.32 percent of the vote in Ventspils, compared to 62.13 percent of the vote in the previous municipal elections.

This will allow For Latvia and Ventspils to retain a majority in the port city.

The united New Unity/Alliance of Regions gained 14.55 percent of the vote in Ventspils, followed by For Latvia's Development with 11.76 percent, the New Conservative Party with 7.31 percent and the National Alliance with 6.56 percent.

As reported, the Riga Regional Court on February 22 slapped a five-year jail term, confiscation of property and a EUR 20,000 fine on Lembergs.

Lembergs was charged with massive graft, money laundering, abuse of his official powers and other crimes.