Estonians eating out less frequently than Lithuanians

  • 2020-08-03
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - A study commissioned by food courier Wolt and carried out by pollster Norstat simultaneously in all three Baltic states at the end of spring shows that ordering food and eating out is most popular among Lithuanians, whereas Estonians do it the least often of the Baltic nations.

The survey shows that having ready-made meals delivered to one's home is regarded a convenient and time-effective alternative to cooking, which was pointed out by 53 percent of respondents in Estonia.

The survey results indicated that 44 percent of Lithuanians, 43 percent of Latvians and 42 percent of Estonians have their meals delivered to their doorstep at least once per month. The three states' residents' preferences regarding eating out are similar -- 70 percent of Lithuanians eat out at least once per month. The respective figures in Latvia and Estonia are 60 and 59 percent.

Respondents in the survey were polled about the reasons why they opt for home delivery of meals. 53 percent of Estonian respondents said that it saves them the trouble of cooking. The said reason was also pointed out as primary by 48 percent of Latvians and 60 percent of Lithuanians. 

The survey indicated that the option also enables to save time and to try dishes that people do not know how to make themselves. Estonians attached the most importance to speed among the Baltic nations as 39 percent deemed it an important factor. The respective figures in Latvia and Lithuania were 34 percent and 27 percent.

Thirty percent of Estonians, 28 percent of Latvians and 32 percent of Lithuanians also cited bad weather as the reason why they have their food delivered at home.