Estonian Center Party planning to cut patient waiting times by half

  • 2018-10-24
  • LETA/TBT Staff

TALLINN - The Estonian Center Party has listed gaining access to a medical specialist in no longer than four weeks and to a scheduled operation in four months as its main electoral promises in the field of health care.

"The Center Party takes a firm stand in favor of solidarity-based health care system and national health insurance. We resolutely oppose attempts to dismantle it," Jaak Aab, former minister of social affairs and current Center Party board member, said, adding that good medical care needs to be available to all people of Estonia, regardless of the contents of their wallet.

Aab added that in the field of health care, the Center Party will campaign for shortening waiting times for patients. An appointment to a medical specialist needs to be available for a patient in a period of four weeks and a scheduled operation in no longer than four months. He also pointed out that the availability of general practitioners is a problem requiring a solution. "A general practitioner needs to be available to people after the end of the working day, too, as well as on weekends," Aab said.  

In addition, the Center Party promises to ensure early implementation of a digital booking system covering all of Estonia, which would enable booking an appointment to a medical specialist swiftly and conveniently. The system would also eliminate duplicating bookings with several specialists at once. The party also wishes to establish a yearly health check to all people of Estonia.

"Illness prevention and early treatment renders better results and is more cost efficient than dealing with a health problem or complication in its advanced stage," Aab said.  

The Center Party's election platform also includes increasing the volume of health screening to prevent serious diseases and a gradual increase in compensation for dental care. The party's platform for the March 2019 general elections will be finalized at the beginning of next year.