Current projections show that we will reach 500 hospitalized Covid-19 patients already by end-September - Pavluts

  • 2021-09-07
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Current forecasts suggest that we will reach 500 hospitalized Covid-19 patients in hospitals much sooner, ie at the end of September, but in mid-October or at the end of October we will have to reckon with 1,500 hospitalized Covid-19 patients, Minister of Health Daniels Pavluts (For Development) told Latvian Television this morning.

"We already see that the autumn and winter seasons will most likely be more difficult than last year," Pavluts added, noting that the difficulties currently facing Riga East Clinical University Hospital and Daugavpils Regional Hospital are temporary.

He noted that the situation is constantly being monitored and that all necessary measures are being taken to facilitate work in hospitals, namely the re-profiling of hospital services, thus providing even more beds for Covid-19 patients. There are also plans to open Covid-19 wards in other regional hospitals, thus easing the influx of patients into large university hospitals.

The Minister explained that according to the estimates and forecasts of the Ministry of Health, a state of emergency in all hospitals could be declared when the number of hospitalizations reaches 800. The forecast previously presented to the government stated that such a mark could be reached in Latvia around the end of September or the beginning of October.

However, as the number of Covid-19 patients admitted to hospitals approaches 200, there will be a shift from the "3 + 3" to the "3 + 7" model, ie these patients will be treated in three large university hospitals as well as in seven regional ones, instead of the previous three.

However, the Minister also emphasized that this year the readiness to fight the virus is greater, namely, hospitals have modernized premises and there is the necessary equipment. At the same time, this will not replace human resources, which is lacking at the moment.