Court hands 10 year sentence to man in connection with amphetamine possession

  • 2017-08-24
  • LETA/TBT Staff

TALLINN - The Harju County Court on Wednesday handed a 10 year jail sentence to 23-year-old Ilgam Ragimov, who according to the accusation of the Office of the Prosecutor General obtained more than a kilogram of amphetamine with the intention of selling it.

Employees of the Central Criminal Police on June 28 detained the man and Ragimov handed over more than approximately 1.2 kilograms of amphetamine powder and less than a gram of marijuana. The prosecutor's office sent the case to court for a compromise procedure.

The court at a sitting on Wednesday approved the compromise, according to which the accused will receive a 10 year jail sentence as aggregate punishment. According to the sentence, the start date of the punishment is the day when Ragimov was detained as accused, which is June 28. In addition to that 605 euros in cash will be confiscated according to the sentence. A total of 2,315 euros in compensation levies was assigned to him as well. The court order has yet to enter into force.

"Unfortunately this is not the first time for the accused to stand trial. This spring he was sentenced for committing drug related crimes. The man committed the new crime only a few months after being released from prison and during probation and it is naive to believe that this kind of activity is not within the field of vision of legal protection," state prosecutor Raigo Aas said.

Ragimov stood trial for a similar crime in spring 2017. He was found guilty of handling large quantities of cocaine and marijuana in a compromise procedure on April 21. The court then handed him a four year jail sentence, of which he had to serve four months and 15 days, while the rest of the sentence in the amount of three years, seven months and 15 days was not realized on the condition that he does not commit a new intentionally committed criminal offense during his four year probation period.

The pre-trial procedure of the case was carried out by the Central Criminal Police and led by the Office of the Prosecutor General.