Benefits of Speakerphone for the workplace

  • 2022-08-18

Remote work has been on the standup for the past couple of years. With many employees working from home, it’s almost necessary to have the right technology to speed up productivity and performance. Many are turning to wireless speakerphones to aid them in their work experience. 

 Whether you need a speakerphone for your office boardroom or a portable device that’s perfect for traveling with you on sales pitches, a high-quality speakerphone can benefit you on many different levels. You can listen to music, talk hand free or create a conference call wherever you are. The best speakerphones, however, are portable, versatile, and allow for crystal clear communication. 

Here are the benefits of speakerphones for your home office: 

1) Professional sound quality  

Investing in a high-fidelity audio solution is the key to successful communication at your home workplace. Unlike a smartphone with only one microphone and speaker, a conference speakerphone is usually integrated with multiple professional-level microphones and speakers, allowing for more unmistakable voice and sound amplification. Here is a review of the best speakerphones for home workplace conference calls.  

These can help you love conference calls again, ensuring you can hear the far end even if your home is filled with background noises. 

2) Connectivity and portability 

A speakerphone has Bluetooth technology, efficiently ensuring fast connectivity. All you need is a digital smartphone that supports Bluetooth connectivity and quickly uses the speakerphone with any conferencing app, including Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, etc. By enabling Bluetooth on your smartphone, you can instantly transform your living room or bedroom into a home office at any time! 

Besides fast connectivity, speakerphones are highly portable, allowing you to carry them in your backpack anywhere, so you can potentially hold online meetings anywhere.  

3) Completely hands-free 

A wireless speakerphone can provide greater comfort in more extended conversations by allowing you to take calls without using a headset. Without requiring to hold the handset to your ear, you can carry out a variety of other tasks such as taking notes, cooking, or just relaxing. This wireless technology also reduces the risk of wrist strain during long hours of chat.  

 Moreover, controlling the speakerphone is relatively easy! With a wireless speakerphone, you can control features such as making and ending phone calls or adjusting the volume. 

4) Easier multi-person conversations 

Besides just being an addition to the home office, a high-quality speakerphone is essential for corporate meeting rooms where your team has video conferences with clients. A corporate speakerphone with the best sound and Omni directional voice pickup ensure that all your colleagues can participate in the conversation simultaneously! It provides a smoother experience for every attendee and is way more convenient than passing a headset for someone else to talk. 


A wireless speakerphone can bring immense value in the workplace for conference calls or online meetings. Using better audio control and more precise communication, you can talk hands-free or create a conference call from anywhere! It can benefit you on many levels as this ensures better productivity and can overall aid the working experience!