As of tomorrow, applying penalties for illegal prostitution will become impossible due to politicians' disagreements

  • 2020-06-30
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Due to politicians' inability to come to an agreement, the regulation allowing to penalize persons for illegal prostitution will lose force tomorrow, LETA learned.

Under the current provisions of the Administrative Offences Code, violations of the regulations regarding the restriction of prostitution are punishable with fines from EUR 350 to EUR 700 for private individuals and EUR 700 to EUR 1,400 for legal entities. 

Under the government regulations, minors' involvement in prostitution is prohibited and advertising of sex services is banned on the internet, in the press and other media, excluding erotic publications.

It is also prohibited to provide sexual services in organized groups. 

As the new Administrative Liability Law comes into effect on Wednesday, July 1, the Administrative Offences Code is losing force. According to the new law, penalties for administrative offenses have to be included in laws regulating each particular sphere, but there is no specific law in Latvia regulating prostitution.

Interior Ministry parliamentary secretary Signe Bole told LETA that the ministry had been working on a bill for the restriction of prostitution which among other things would envisage penalties for illegal provision of sex services. 

Various authorities and nongovernmental groups that were involved in drafting the new legislation raised various objections to the proposed provisions. 

On February 25 the government decided against delivering the prostitution restriction bill to Saeima as ministers were unable to agree on a number of issues, for instance, who deserves to be punished for prostitution - the prostitutes or their clients. 

As a temporary regulation, the Interior Ministry included sanctions for prostitution in the Law on Public Order and Security, but lawmakers rejected this solution. 

On Monday, the situation was discussed at the weekly coalition cooperation meeting. Prime Minister Krisjanis Karins (New Unity) ordered coalition partners to submit their proposals for the bill on the restriction of prostitution until July 13.