Armed forces purchasing trucks and special logistics vehicles

  • 2020-01-03
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - This year, the National Armed Forces will complete the purchase of 120 Unimog trucks, Defense Ministry representatives told LETA, adding that purchases of trucks of other types and special logistics vehicles were started last year. 

The armed forces have already received several of the 120 Unimog trucks.

Last year, the armed forces also started a procurement procedure to purchase trucks with five to 15 tons of load capacity and special logistics vehicles with over 15 tons of load capacity. 

The purchasing of remote mine-laying systems, armored bridge launcher vehicles and combat engineer gear is also under way, the Defense Ministry said.

The ministry noted that last year the Latvian Home Guard received three Husky Vehicle Mounted Mine Detectors (VMMD) worth around EUR 7 million from the United States and that training is under way to teach personnel to handle the equipment. The US has also delivered 12 universal tractors to the Engineer Company.

Since Latvia is also purchasing four Black Hawk helicopters from the US, the armed forces are planning to also purchase various maintenance and repair equipment.