April 2015 saw Estonia's industrial production remain at 2014 levels

  • 2015-06-02
  • From wire reports and TBT staff, TALLINN

According to Statistics Estonia, April 2015 saw industrial production in Estonia remain at the same level as April 2014 - production in manufacturing and mining increased, but the energy sector suffered a decrease. 

February 2015 saw manufacturing production increase by five percent, while in March it decreased to three percent compared to last year. In April, it dropped to one percent. 

However, in April 2015, growth in production volume increased in comparison to the same period in 2014. This is the result of an increase in the manufacturing of electronic and wood products, which increased by six and eight percent respectively. The production of metal products, electrical goods, furniture and motor vehicles also rose. 

However, the volume of production fell in the manufacturing of chemical products, building materials, and food. 

In April 2015, 70 percent of the manufacturing sector’s output was exported. When compared to April 2014, export and domestic sales of manufactured goods remained at the same level according to unadjusted data. 

Compared to April 2014, the production of electricity decreased by 15 percent in April 2015, while the production of heating energy increased by 12 percent.